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Integrity Engineering, LLC is a consulting engineering firm that offers personalized energy and utility consulting services to commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal energy users in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. If you pay utility or fuel oil bills, Integrity Engineering, LLC can find cost-effective ways to help you reduce your energy costs.



The Association of Energy Engineers' Certified Green Building Engineer (GBE™) program awards special recognition to those green building, design and construction engineering professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for green building related disciplines, as well as laws governing and affecting green building professionals. I. G. "Zack" Lilienfeld, PE, CEM, consulting engineer and owner of Integrity Engineering, LLC, has attained the designation of Green Building Engineer from the Association of Energy Engineers.


Want to lower your facility's utility costs but don't know where to begin? Hesitant to embark on an ambitious program? Don't have a lot of time, but want some fast results? We have just what you need - a one-day Energy Check-Up. Our energy engineer will visit your facility, meet with you to assess your specific needs, perform a 5-hour mini-energy audit of your facility and prepare an executive summary of findings and recommendations. This service, available to energy users located in New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania, is designed to target quick-return energy-saving projects that make sense for your specific operation. No big engineering studies, no pie-in-the-sky recommendations - just what is needed to get you some positive results on saving electricity and fuel costs, without dedicating much time or money. At a fee of $950, this professional service is geared quickly pay for itself through ongoing energy savings that result from implementing recommendations. To schedule a mini-energy audit or for more information on this or other energy services, call Zack Lilienfeld at (609) 487-7756.


This time of year, the cold outside temperatures provide a unique opportunity to obtain a beneficial thermal imaging scan of your building. Poor or missing insulation, water leaks into the roof deck insulation, and cold air infiltration take their toll on occupant comfort as well as add appreciably to your energy bills. A large temperature difference between the outside and inside air provides the best conditions for viewing these problems with the use of an infrared camera. Act now to eliminate the complaining from your accountant and your employees! A four hour infrared walk-through of the building will help identify problem areas. To schedule a thermal imaging scan or for more information, call Zack Lilienfeld at (609) 487-7756. You can find out more by clicking here.


I. G. "Zack" Lilienfeld, PE, CEM, consulting engineer and owner of Integrity Engineering, LLC, offers prompt, professional energy consulting services, using state-of-the-art tools and resources. Zack offers a high degree of professionalism, thoroughness and dedication to the needs of his clients. He is completely independent and not affiliated with any product or service providers, so you can be assured of unbiased recommendations that only an independent professional can provide.

Zack is a Licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with over 30years experience performing building energy surveys and energy-efficient equipment evaluations. He has achieved Certified Energy Manager, Certified Business Energy Professional and Certified Green Building Engineer designations by the Association of Energy Engineers. Additionally, he has been certified as a Building Science Thermographer by the Infrared Training Center. If you are a business owner or leased space tenant looking for ways to better manage your energy and utility costs, then contact Zack at (609) 487-7756 or e-mail for information or to schedule meeting to discuss your needs. For more inforation on Zack, click here.


November 1, 2010

PECO Energy will be removing deregulation rate-capped generation rates beginning in January 2011. What this means for electricity users in the Philadelphia area is an expected hike in electricity costs and in some cases, introduction to volatile market-based pricing of electric generation. If your business is located in the greatr Philadelphia area, you need to be prepared for cost increases, and know what choices you have regarding alternate suppliers and your local electric distribution company's electric pricing after the rate caps are lifted. For the latest information, or to be placed on an e-mail distribution list for newsworthy updates for PA or New Jersey utility news affecting your bottom line, e-mail Zack Lilienfeld at, or call (609) 487-7756.

For the latest spot prices of fuel oil and other energy commodities, click here.

From the desk of Zack Lilienfeld, PE:

As we enter into the colder months of late 2010, its not too late to implement some short-term energy conservation measures to keep costs down. Although fossil fuel-based energy prices are less than last year, electricity prices are going up in some regions of Pensylvania. Consider a one-day energy audit to highlight issues that can be addressed quickly a cost-effctively. Call me at (609) 487-7756 for more information.

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